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Love My Life


THEONECOVER™️ simplifies your mom life making it easier and lighter without having to lug around so much baby gear. Use THEONECOVER™️ as a:

  • Nursing Cover 
  • Car Seat Cover 
  • Shopping Cart Cover 
  • High Chair Cover 
  • Baby Carrier Cover 
  • Infinity Scarf or Shawl for Mom 
  • Sunshade extender over the umbrella stroller 
  • Baby Swing Cover 
  • Car Seat Protector (over the Driver's and Passenger's Seats) 
  • Snuggle Blanket 


And so much more... it literally is THEONECOVER™️ that does it ALL! Our new patent pending design includes a reversible pocket sewn on the side. When you are on-the-go, you can fold the entire THEONECOVER™️ into the pocket so it takes up a very tiny amount of space in your diaper bag. If baby makes a mess when they eat while in the shopping cart or high chair, you can contain the mess by storing THEONECOVER™️ into the pocket and take it home to wash.

Each buttery soft cover is breathable and made with the finest and perfect combination of Polyester, Rayon and Spandex. THEONECOVER™️ has the ability to stretch to almost twice its original size over a hundred times without losing its shape. It will move with you as you spend countless special moments with your baby no matter the season. Protect your baby year round from the elements of rain, snow, sun and... strangers. You never have to worry about your nursing cover or car seat cover blowing off with the wind again!